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  Research confirms​: 

  1)    on average, every employee wastes 3 hours a week on conflict (multiply this time by          the hourly wage to determine the direct cost to the business);

  2)    up to half of all voluntary turnover may be directly associated with workplace                    conflict; and 

  3)    between legal and other fees, the cost to the business may well exceed more than            $100,000 per employment dispute.

Freres, M. (2013). Financial costs of workplace conflict.  Journal of International Ombudsman Association,  6(2), 83-94.

*Bartlett, J.E., Bartlett, M.E., & Reio, T.G. (2008) Workplace Incivility: Worker and Organizational Antecedents and Outcomes.


Healy Conflict Management Services

Helping you put together the pieces for a respectful and successful workplace.

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Debra Healy, MS

Conflict Consultant

Mediator, Facilitator, Coach

Conflict Management Trainer

​​​"Unresolved workplace conflicts represent the largest reducible costs to an organization"*

Is your business or organization

conflict competent?  Conflict competence requires the ability to manage anxiety around conflict and making deliberate choices to address it constructively and productively.  

Offering your employees a confidential, external, non-adversarial process through agree2agree can be the difference between resolving conflict and the risk of costly litigation. More importantly, providing this option indicates that you value your employees and are dedicated to maintaining a healthy workplace culture.

According to Daniel Pink, author of the New York Times Bestseller, DRiVE, three things motivate people: autonomy, mastery, and purpose.  Every respectful and successful workplace offers these motivations for its employees. Do you?

Resolving Conflict in

the Workplace

Debra Healy is an accredited leadership coach, providing confidential, collaborative coaching for employees whose effectiveness is being negatively impacted for reasons that may involve interpersonal skills. 

agree2agree - Healy Conflict Management Services  offers a variety of creative ways to effectively address organizational conflict. 

agree2agree - Healy Conflict Management Services  provides strategies to reduce risk associated with interpersonal conflict

agree2agree - Healy Conflict Management Services carefully assesses your organization's needs to recommend appropriate conflict resolution strategies.