Conflict Solutions
for Organizations and the Workplace

Imagine the precision gears inside a fine watch.
The watch will function only when the gears
move perfectly in sync with one another.

Now imagine individuals within an organization.
The organization will function effectively only when
individuals work in sync with each another.

The obvious difference between a watch
and an organization?

Watches and gears are not human and do not have
differing personalities, perceptions, ideas and values.
Because human beings do have differing personalities,
perceptions, ideas and values human relationships involve

Conflict is the existence of differences
and, thus, is an inherently neutral concept.

Yet, depending on the ways conflict is approached,
it can become either productive or destructive.
When conflict is approached in a destructive manner,
both individual human relationships and systems
of human relationships break down. The impact can
mean the end of a single relationship as well as the
destruction of an entire organization.

However, when approached productively,
conflict is a catalyst for creativity and growth.

About the Owner

 With a masters degree in
 Conflict Management, Dispute
 Resolution and a bachelors
 degree in Legal Studies,
 Debra Healy has a unique
 understanding of interpersonal
 and organizational conflict and is
 dedicated to the productive
 resolution of conflict.

 Debra’s experience includes 15
 years in the legal field focusing
 on employment law and
 civil rights, in addition to 8 years
of conflict consulting in interpersonal and organizational
workplace mediation and facilitation; EEO mediation;
and conflict coaching for abrasive employees and/or
disruptive employees (aka, "bullies"). Debra is accredited
under Dr. Laura Crawshaw's Boss Whispering® model
and is a member of the Boss Whispering Institute®.

agree2agree offers productive, efficient, cost-effective
solutions to workplace and individual workplace disputes
within private, public and non-profit organizations of all
sizes involving relationships between:

  • Employee and Employer
  • Employee and Employee
  • Business and Vendor
  • Contractor and Subcontractor
  • Business Partners

Client Comments

S.L. Woodside (2014)
US Department of Energy
"You gave a valiant effort at resolving
our work situation, and more people should know about your skills.
I honestly believe there must be a
wider application for the type of
thing you do. Again, thank you
for your hard work and efforts.
May there someday be more people
like you on this planet."

Rebecca N. (2014)
Portland Women's Crisis Line
“In her work with our organization,
Debra did an excellent job of
helping us define our shared goals
so that we could work together.
She was diligent in making sure each
party was heard and had access to
information during the process.
We’re still feeling the benefits
of that process five years later!”

C.P. (2013)
Federal Government Employee
"I found Debra's assistance to be
incredibly helpful. Enlightening for
work/life relationships.
Debra goes above and beyond
and clearly shows a personal
connection to the materials
and clients."

S.D. (2013)
Federal Government Employee
"Debra's training and assistance
brought to the forefront the tools
we all have."

Arthur B. (2012)
Business Owner
"In the midst of a conflicted work
situation with strong personalities
at play, Debra was able to bring her
calm and counsel. While none of us
could have foretold the outcome,
we all grew as persons and as an
organization to remain true to our
own sense of integrity.
Debra anchored us to our truth with
compassion and empathy
in a turbulent time."

Amy J.
Owner,"Amy Sews" (2012)
“I wanted to thank you one more
time for all the help you gave me.
It really helped me get results when
I thought there was nothing more
I could do. I couldn't have done it
without you! Thank you so much!”

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